Willie Nelson is a true country music legend. If there is another “Willie” in the lexicon of country music, I am not aware of him. Willie Nelson has been influencing one of America’s few original art forms for almost 60 years. I became aware of Willie in my early teens, through my friend Barbie. If I remember correctly, she loaned me her copy of “Red Headed Stranger”, and my view of music was forever changed. I can still remember Barbie cheering for our mutual friend Bobby to “Play Whiskey River!”, as he performed at an outdoor stage, on a warm Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t until later that I learned how much influence Willie had as a songwriter early in his career.  If you want to hear genuine country music, listen to Willie.

Willie has been writing and recording country music classics since well before I was born. Standards like “Family Bible”, “Pretty Paper”, “Crazy”, “Hello Walls”, and many others were products of his early career as a songwriter.

In the early 70’s, Willie moved to Texas to retire from the music industry. That didn’t take, and he (along with a few others) invented outlaw country.

Willie been recognized by the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Kennedy Center, The National Agricultural Hall of Fame, The Library of Congress, and Rolling Stone Magazine.

He has written eight books and performed in over thirty movies and television shows.

Willie, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp started Farm Aid in 1985 in order to increase awareness and offer assistance to failing family farms across America.

Willie maintains a ranch in Texas, but currently resides in Hawaii, in a solar-powered home on Maui.

His pioneer spirit and willingness to help others are true inspirations.


Willie Nelson, country music legend in watercolor.

This is an 11×17 watercolor of Willie Nelson.