I saw these chairs for free on Marketplace and thought “That could be fun!”

My idea was to have an assortment of chairs for casual seating on the front porch. Chairs that were funky, different, cool, and functional. So, here’s what happened.

I got 7 chairs that were in rough, but OK shape. I was able to piece together 6 sturdy, reliable pieces from the 7. The chairs initially all looked like the pic above.

Not too bad right? Nothing fancy, just a solid wood chair. Probably from the 80s. Decent wood, they just needed to knock off most of that stain and get them primed. Then I could let my imagination run wild!

I had several tubes of acrylic paint that spent too many hot Raleigh summers in the heat of an un-insulated garage. It was a little past it’s prime, so I was glad to use it.

Here are the results:

OK, simple concept, right? Only upon completion did I realize I had re-created the design for Wonderbread!

OK, OK. It was Pride month. Sue me.

How did Pollack make it look so good? Not as easy as it looks lol.

Harlequin? I don’t know, but I dig it. And it took a minute.

Whats the point of having wild things without a zebra?

OK, last, but not least: Vines and flowers.

I think it tuned out pretty well overall. And it is certainly helping to ‘knock the rust off’ , since I have not really been painting for a few months. I think I am ready to go back to ruining canvases and wasting good watercolor paper!

What? Those other chairs in the corner? The ones that I clearly got from a different source, before this set was even finished? Well, I don’t want to make a hobby out of it, but I have a few ideas…