OK, since I am at the beach this week, and the Carolinas have been beset with shark attacks this summer……why not paint one? If you are offended, at least give me credit for not including a victim in the image! I am setting this up to post while we are there, even though I painted it a week in advance. How crazy would it be if I got bitten by a shark?! I would be all over the news! My site traffic would go through the roof! I can see it now…..”Aspiring artist paints a shark and then goes swimming….you’ll NEVER guess what happens next!” Seriously though, if it is a small-ish bite, I can deal with a few stitches if my site goes viral. Plus, I could have a great story and a cool scar to boot! Fingers crossed…kind of.


I painted this shark on stratmore paper with Cottman's paint.

This is an 8×10 watercolor of a shark, in impossibly clear water.