This Sade watercolor portrait was a really easy work to get excited about. I first became aware of Sade when everyone else did. I have been absolutely fascinated with her ever since. I remember taking a drive with a friend, Melvin Dawkins. Melvin was stationed on the USS Dewey with me, in the Electrical Division. When Sade came on the radio, I expressed how enamored I was with her. I remember him being genuinely surprised that I was into her. He was black, and had never heard a white man express interest in a black woman before. That was a different time indeed. If we pay attention, we learn every day, but I really learned a lot back then. I guess Melvin did too. Sade, if you are reading this, you can have the painting. I can give you the address o pick it up any time. Cheers!

This Sade watercolor portrait was painted on Stratmore paper, with Cottman's paint.

This is an 8×10 watercolor portrait of the amazing and beautiful Sade.