This painting, Mountain Morning, was begun in October of 2022. That should explain the autumn theme.

I was likely inspired by a day of crisp fall weather and started throwing paint all over the place! Why has it taken until now to post it? Well, if you know me, you can probably guess. I just finished it today.

I got off track by the holidays, work, and then of course, cold weather. I actually did a paint-by-number for Christmas which took a LOT of time, but that’s another post.

Below are a few closeups of this painting. ALL the artists on the internet do that, so it must be cool….right?

This is an acrylic on an 18 x 24″, gallery (deep) canvas. IF you are interested in this or any of my work, please contact me directly at

Mountain Morning closeup 1

Mountain Morning closeup 2

Mountain Morning closeup 3