I have lamented (as an artist and a customer) that many art offerings are simply too expensive, and therefor inaccessible to a large number of people who genuinely appreciate it. I have started creating smaller pieces in hope of addressing this aspect of the art world. I will continue to do large portraits, but this is a pleasant diversion when I am searching for inspiration, or just too tired to start another large piece. These three are good examples of what I intend to make. They are 4×12 and 4×6, acrylic on canvas board. My plan is to offer them for $10-15 (depending on size), possibly at a craft fair, tailgate market, or even out of a box along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Of course, I would also be open to selling them to anyone online who is interested. Let’s see what happens! If I don’t sell any of them, you might see one at Christmas!

small nature paintings

affordable art