I started this campfire painting (16 x 20 acrylic on canvas) last Saturday, the 6th of March, 2021. Inspired by photographs, memories of my own camping experiences, and some wonderful paintings by others, I completed it on Sunday, the 7th. This photo shows it still on the easel, not yet signed.

I posted pics of it at lunch on Monday, and by 8:30 that night, it was spoken for! I have never sold one this fast before, and am truly grateful. Creating a piece with such a strong, immediate connection feels wonderful.

I am super excited to get this one packed up and shipped off to sunny California where it will (I am told) adorn the wall of a camper used to travel all over the Golden State!

Naming paintings is always a bit of a chore for me, so posted it with no name, and the intention to let the buyer decide. After some discussion, the new owners came up with ‘Radiant Memories’. Good thing,too! I would have totally called it ‘forest 3-7-21’ or something else equally as lame.

Would you like a painting like this? Contact your old painter-buddy Rob! I can paint it, you can name it!